Obama’s State Department has joined the Islamic assault on Western liberty

Not satisfied with expunging any reference to Islam from government documents containing the word “terrorism,” the Obama administration is embarking on a wider anti-free-speech policy mapped out by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Comprised of 56 countries and the Palestinian Authority, the OIC claims to speak for the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims.

Clearly it does not, as Islam involves different intellectual currents. But the powerful OIC still presumes to speak for Islam in the international community.

When the UN’s Universal Declaration of human rights was created in 1948, Saudi Arabia joined apartheid South Africa in rejecting it.

The Saudis found it violated Sharia, and the South Africans saw it as a threat to their racist society. Most Muslim majority states, however, supported the resolution.

Although non-binding, the UNDHR has evolved to become the foundation for international human rights. Among its basic principles are religious and gender equality.

As a more fundamentalist version of Islam has swept across the world, the OIC has strongly embraced Sharia and in Cairo, 1990, adopted its own version of human rights.

In this version, all religions are not equal and women, most certainly, are not equal to men. The OIC refers to the Cairo declaration as a declaration of human rights subordinated to Sharia, making the document the poster child for an oxymoron.

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